Thursday, April 24, 2014

Best "Awakened" Day Ever!

Family, let me first start off my sharing by saying, for me there is no greater joy then watching the lights come on and joy and passion fill another person when they dare to see their true Divine essence. It becomes even more meaningful to have the awareness that my own Divine self was used as a vessel to encourage, stimulate and inspire the process. Honestly, I'm almost speechless when it comes to how to even begin to explain so I won't force that at this time. Right now I'm just celebrating!

Thank you God, I know this isn't the first time but somehow this one was so special, near and dear to my heart. So many of my healing and spiritual experiences have been virtual and long distance; which by no means make them any less real or impactful; however, my intimacy driven soul absolutely loved every single second of the connection and energetic exchange. As long as I live, I won't forget this day! It happened to be on my daughters 15th birthday as well, so that makes it even more memorable. I'm sitting here with tears welling in my eyes, heart full of joy and passion brewing. If there were ever such a thing as a spiritual drug or high this would be it, and I would coin it L.B.A.C. (Light Body Activation Celebration) and I'm hooked! 

Side Affects: 

  • Deep fulfilling joy
  • Overwhelming desire to share
  • Heart Chakra opening
  • Smiling for no apparent reason
  • A desire for more
  • Excitement
  • Passion
  • Re-membering my purpose and  Divine calling
  • A complete sense of living a life of significance
  • Beautifully mirrored reflection of self
  • Forgetfulness of current life challenges 
  • Expansion
That's all I got for now friends, but stay tuned because there will be more to share. This moment in time has blessed me with the opportunity to put my huge, ginormous gratitude out into the ether because I definitely want a lot more of this kind of thing in my life. I love you! Thank you reading and joining me energetically in my blissful celebration in the midst of a life storm. I AM thankful in advanced for the victory! I love it! <3 Estelle



Creator of all things. Lord of my life. My Father, My Mother: God.  Source and Giver of all things, You put something great in me!

I acknowledge the gifts, talents and abilities that You have bestowed upon me. 

I confess that I have denied, dismissed and diminished my own light. 

I confess that I have been wasteful and distracted by self-imposed limitations, and laziness. 

I forgive myself. 

I know, right now, that everything I need has already been given into my hands.  

I believe that in this body, with this spirit, I possess everything I need to succeed and prosper, because You put something great inside of me, God. 

Help me.

Help me to embrace this greatness with humility, confidence, joy-fulness and fun!

Help me to stretch beyond the familiar, past the comfortable, into my divine purpose. 

Help me to live it! Breathe it! Become it! 

I release myself from myself, into Your greatness. 

I release myself from my own thinking, into the precious thoughts You have towards me. 

Thank You God for Your greatness!
I receive it right now! 
I breathe it into my being! 

I let it be now and forever!

And so it is!

Rev. Manazerine Olujimi Baptiste

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