Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Gifts and Revelations Granted by the Solar Eclipse- Reason, Season, Lifetime.

Beloved family, we've made it! For those of you who follow astrology, you know that the heavenly or Universal energies have been absolutely pushing us to grow, shift, and stretch way beyond our comfort zones. Crisis after crisis for me personally, which by the way crisis literally means the opportunity to go one way or another, it can even be used interchangeably used with a cross roads, which makes sense with the Grand Cross we've recently came out of right? For those who don't know what the heck a Grand Cross is, you can read more here. Undoubtedly, you've felt the changes in your life one way or another. A friend of mine whom I was blessed with a season with said it wonderfully, "There is a lot of activity of powerful changes going on in the Spiritual world", in essence.

My Own Experiences

Speaking of radical changes, here are a few highlighted challenges and experiences that have presented themselves to me in the last few weeks alone. 
  • Health Challenges (that continue to this very day)
  • A complete meltdown psychologically
  • I was gifted with a complete book Divinely downloaded into my consciousness
  • Past love revisiting in order to shed light on what's really important in life
  • New friendship that came and blessed me mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically allowing for a great opportunity to serve and grow; then exiting stage left as abruptly and unexpectedly as it entered (I believe we completed our soul contract)
  • A new member in our household (a teenage friend of my daughter who claimed to have been put out on the streets)
  • That same friend and my daughter being picked up by the police for shoplifting at a local Walmart
  • My first Oneness Blessing experience where I experienced spontaneous healing and rejuvination
  • Hormonal imbalances coupled with the intense energies and being an emotional and deeply connected to mother earth Empath
  • A beautiful exchange with my father who raised me
  • Receiving a letter from my biological father who has been in prison for most of my life (to tell me he's moving prisons)
  • Being gifted a scholarship to attend a quantum physics workshop featuring Dr. Garland Landrith from the hit movie "What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway"
  • And more...
Needless to say I've spent some days very happy, others very down, and even fewer comfortable. I've often found myself confused looking for the lessons and blessings in each of this scenarios, and often finding that I won't have all of the answers right now; so in those cases I've been reminded that the answer to the challenge is often found on the other side of the mountain you must cross first, and that's OK with me now. So what does all this mean?

 It simply means I'm fighting the good fight, and when you chose to live from your truth sometimes shit has to fall apart in order to be rebuilt on a higher level. What it does not mean is that I'm doing anything wrong, I'm being punished or that I should just give up and lose all hope because the challenges are seemingly never ending. No, right now, like many of us I AM building some serious FAITH muscles.


 I AM definitely practicing patience and the art of allowing. I'm continuing to take risks that are vital to my growth and expansion. I AM rising each time I stumble and fall flat on my face. I continue to brush myself off with a smile on my face, all be it sometimes forced. I consistently remind myself often through reading, meditation, reflection and positive association; to completely trust that each on of these b'lessons (blessings & lessons) are all introducing me more and more to my truest Divine nature. I believe these changes are guiding me to my highest calling. I can't even imagine what my world would look like if I didn't have this perspective. 

Oh! And probably the biggest lesson has been asking for help, and then allowing it when it shows up, with absolutely no expectations or demands on how it does; from a complete space of gratitude! I can't even begin to express how much growth that is for me. So from where I sit I'm feeling pretty damn proud of myself. Finally, I'm accepting even when it comes to my own offspring that people all have the right to make the choices and decisions they will for their own lives rather I agree with them or not. Today I have complete peace with allowing another person to accept the consequences for their own actions or in-actions, without trying to save or rescue them. My job is to show up and be the best me that I can, because me BE-ing my best allows me to have something to pour forth into my family, community, and world, and in that order! As my wise and humorous big sister would say... 

 Yes, I have indeed!


Why Share So Intimately?

I share because I want others to know: "You are not alone!" I always share with the intention of encouraging others by being a living example, but what's more important perhaps is journaling my own experiences so others can see the process. I feel that's the missing link in most self help or spiritual self improvement material today. All too often we find ourselves in the midst of a storm and we worry ourselves sick only to have it all work out in the end- right? But perhaps we have a few more grey hairs on our head, or maybe even ulcers in our stomachs, or worst. I think we would all agree that stress kills. It kills dreams, minds, bodies and spirits every single day. My goal is to ultimately skip that middle part of self abuse and self inflicted suffering by knowing, trusting and believing it's going to be alright! After all, what is the other alternative...don't worry I'll wait! *giggles*. 

I haven't wrote shared with you in about 5 days so I wanted to make sure to update you on what's going on in my world, but what's more is that I'm seriously practicing disciplining myself to write more, and more because it's such a beautiful gift to myself to be able and go back and see the test I continue to rise to and ultimately above. I always encourage others to keep a personal journal to sit down with and just clear the mental space and stagnant energies within, writing is such a cathartic process, do you know where your journal is? If you don't have one, please get on. If you don't like writing by hand, like myself, I personally suggest an online private journal like penzu.

And that's all I have for today my precious beloveds! Let's just keep pressing forward remembering that in nature some of the biggest, tallest and strongest trees have seeds that are literally germinated by fire! I love you with all of my heart! I AM here with you standing in support of you, we can do anything together! Divine love blessings! <3 Estelle 

P.S. This song reminds me to BREATHE I can't tell you how many times I've replayed it *smile* Do yourself a favor and click play!

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  1. Amazing ...loving u soo deep & alwaz holdn you in LOVE & HARMONY ..