Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dedication to Molly - Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Beloveds, today I wish to share how I've been tremendously blessed by a beautiful fur baby, named Molly. Molly is a fairly large white dog that reminds me of a Labrador (I don't know if they come in white- Yep! they do!). She is a very loving animal, although she comes across a bit nervous, and not so sure; rest assured though, she has a very powerful barking voice. Upon our first encounter I reached out to pet her and she abruptly pulled away, I think we were both a bit startled at this point. It was challenging not to take it personally because, well... I understand that dogs are Angelic messengers of unconditional love, and I also believe they are impeccable reads of character.

My analytical mind immediately went into wondering what it was about me that made her feel unsafe, or at the very least unsure about me; despite the compassionate encouragement of her mother insisting this is just the way she is with people in general. Apparently, she takes a while to warm up to strangers, so I decided in that moment to let that be OK. I continued on to have an extraordinary meeting/visit with the owner, who happens to be the reverend of my new church home. Next, an amazing and most miraculous thing ensued, including an appearance of an Angelic presence with full wing span projecting the color of yellow. A spirit guide in the presence of intensely healing crystalline energies. Of the crystals, my favorite was a ocean jasper wand. This particular crystal spoke to me immediately so I communed with it almost our entire visit together.
It looked a lot like this only with blue hues and much larger.

Fast forwarding now what seemed like 2 hours from my initial arrival, Molly, who had been sitting in the middle of the room casually gets up and starts to smell the bottom of my bare feet and toes... slowly making her way to my side. It wasn't a struggle to remain calm as I was in a very relaxed posture completely encompassed by the ever warming energy of the room and spiritual presence(s). It was if she had decided to grant me permission to pet and engage with her now. Janice, (my reverend) commented with near astonishment, she never does that with anyone {I'm paraphrasing here}. Molly and I shared less than a 2 minute window of bonding time, when she was distracted by an outside noise, it was her daddy (Phil) *giggles*. However, this beautiful and brief interaction was so profound for me, and deeply spiritual that I'm up writing about it at 2:44A.M. Why? Because Molly taught me 3 very valuable lessons.

  1. Stop taking everything so personally! It's not always all about you
  2. When you detach from the outcome, you leave room to welcome the energies we commonly refer to as miracles.
  3. The powerful healing energy of love. Love heals all, because after all... it truly is all there is.

What I realize in hindsight is that once I took my "need" off of wanting Molly to love and accept me, and allowed her to be exactly who and what she is. I refocused instead upon just sending her love, and what was the result? She came around on her own with absolutely no coaxing or manipulation needed; blessing me with the ultimate gift of her loving presence, and returned even the energy of acceptance.

My reflections: How often do we hear "What we resist will persist" - a Universal Law, yet we neglect to  ascertain that it literally applies to almost every area of our lives. (11:11 as I type these words- Yay!). My resistance to the misconception of her not accepting me, could only create more of the same energy. Yet, through conscious awareness, practicing the art of allowing and sending love- void of neediness- she came around. I AM so very grateful for the way the Universe is in constant communication (communion) with me. Molly is a beautiful living example of the unconditional love that is available to us at all times, if we will but get out of out own way, and allow it to flow to and through us.

Remember: Letting go (surrender) ='s bliss!

 *The miracle inside a miracle... remember I said I was woke at 2:44A.M. writing about this? Here is the Angelic Message of 244: 

Interested in learning about the Ocean Jasper? Click here: http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/ocean-jasper
And finally, what does a Labrador Retriever represent in the spirit world?
"Someone close to you needs your assistance. Do not be afraid of offering your help. Allow any assistance that you offer to come from the heart and be free of any encumbrances or attachments."
-Labrador Retriever
Source:  http://spirit-animals.com/labrador-retriever/
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried folks! Hows this for perfect divine alignment?!

Blessings of unconditional love and acceptance,

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